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Expert staff with over 15 years of VoIP industry experience

The CityVoice team has been working together in VoIP since 1995. We're a tight-knit team, capable of getting things done in minutes that would take other providers days.

24/7 support for every customer

Choosing CityVoice as your VoIP provider entitles you to 24/7 support from our expert staff. Anytime you need support, feel free to give us a call, without going through five levels of auto attendant to reach a human being.

Tier 1 Carrier Coverage

The only way to offer reliable, high-quality VoIP service is to be directly connected to a Tier 1 provider. CityVoice deals directly with a Tier 1 provider for all of our service needs, ensuring that you have access to a massive DID pool as well as the best coverage and service.

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CityVoice provides high-quality wholesale voice over IP services
at amazingly low rates.

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