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What can CityVoice do for me?

Tier 1 Voice Origination and Termination

CityVoice provides termination to all 50 US states and Canada through a Tier 1 carrier, giving you the ability to call anywhere in North America on a first class network. We provide internation termination through British Telcom.

In addition, CityVoice provides Tier 1 origination, ensuring the highest caliber in reliability as well as the ability to select from millions of US and Canadian DIDs. Each DID can take an unlimited amount of incoming calls.

Amazing Voice Quality

CityVoice utilizes session initiated protocol (SIP), a new emerging standard in VoIP technology, to offer phone calls so crisp and clear that choppy conversations and shouting "Can you hear me?" will be nothing more than distant memories in the world of VoIP.

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CityVoice provides high-quality wholesale voice over IP services
at amazingly low rates.

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